i’m from vienna, austria.  as a boy i often sat in the orchestra my father played at, during real performances, hidden below in the pit.  (that's me, blond hair above on the steps on my parent's house in vienna.)  i played the harp full time at 16, tried modeling in new york city, eventually became a photographer and did an MFA in film at art center college of design in pasadena.  i've always tried to figure out what my purpose in life and society was.  i built my fashion portfolio in milan using polaroids, drove a cab in vienna. vicissitudes.  always eager to experience life.  i love silence and nature, authentic connections and great art.  i've always been a passionate photographer.  in january 2016 my baby daughter satya (the sanskrit word for truth) was born.  in february 2017 we relocated to ojai, ca.

i've shot vintage modern films for about 2 years now, as side gig, and in 2017 made it my full time focus.