i’m from vienna, austria.  (that kid is me, blond hair.)  

sounds stereotypical but i've been shooting photos ever since i was 10.  occasionally, my father let me use his 6x6 rolleiflex. in my 20s he gave me his old canon super 8 camera. when i later started building my fashion portfolio in milan, i used a large format camera and type 55 and 59 polaroids. i've always loved old photographs and old film processes.

i played the harp full time at 16, tried modeling in new york city, eventually became a photographer and later did an MFA in film at art center in LA.  i built my fashion portfolio in milan, drove a cab in vienna, always eager to experience life and to figure out what makes people tick.  i love silence and nature, authentic connections and great art.  and my baby girl!

much love,