i’m from vienna, austria.  sounds stereotypical but i've been shooting photos ever since i was 10.  (that's me, blond hair above on the steps on my parent's house in vienna.)  i played the harp full time at 16, tried modeling in new york city, eventually became a fashion photographer and later did an MFA in film at art center in LA.  i built my fashion portfolio in milan using polaroids, drove a cab in vienna, always eager to experience life.  i love silence and nature, authentic connections and great art.  i've always been passionate about capturing images, still or moving.  in january 2016 my daughter satya (the sanskrit word for truth) was born.

i've been creating vintage modern films for about 5 years now, and i am truly loving it.  there is nothing like spending your day with positive and enthusiastic people who are embracing LOVE, capturing all those beautiful little moments, and getting paid for it.  and THEN to witness the joy of my clients after they see the final product.  what privilege!  i am so grateful to all my clients so far, and i look forward to meeting YOU.  

much love!