a vintage modern visual style

imperfections are what makes us human. i like to celebrate the imperfections and showcase them.

in 2013 a friend asked me whether i would consider shooting his wedding in a vintage style. i took on the project and dug into my love for old film looks and studied all the flaws that makes them look so unique. i then used my storytelling experience and created my first vintage modern film.

i apply an intuitive approach to shooting and editing that sets my films apart from the average wedding video. i shoot digitally and clean, but add a plethora of effects, frame by frame, 24 frames per second, that result in a vintage look. in a world of perfect shots, i think the less perfect ones tell the more important story. the essence of my artistry and my soul is simplicity, lightness and visually capturing what the day felt like; conveying its emotional essence.

i look forward to connecting with you, and if we are a fit, to creating a filmic document that translates your significant day into a lasting memory.

thank you for visiting my site!