your wedding film deserves to be unlike any other. in a world of perfectly crafted videos, i think the less perfect ones tell a much more important story. the focus should be on you and not on how extravagant the video production was. 

i grew up in europe and from early on used my father's rolleiflex and super 8 cameras. to me, old photographs evoke a sense of nostalgia, which inspired me to tell stories a bit abstract and ephemeral like reveries. my films are more like vignettes, moments in time that provide a glimpse of what it felt like on your day. which i think helps convey an essence about who you are and what the experience was like. 

i look forward to connecting with you. if you are open to creating a unique memento of your once in a lifetime occasion, drop me a line and we'll take it from there!


my sister lisa and her husband vincent on their wedding day, polaroid
 lisa & vincent, polaroid, burggarten vienna