a vintage modern visual style

i think in the end it's all about the edit. but yes, style matters.

i’ve been shooting photos since i was 10. occasionally, my dad let me use his 6x6 rolleiflex. in my 20s he gave me his old canon super 8 camera. when i later started building my fashion portfolio in milan, i used a large format camera and type 55 and 59 polaroids. i've always loved old photographs and old processes like albumen and tin type, because to me it somehow expresses more.

in 2013 a friend asked me whether i would consider shooting his wedding, and to do it in a vintage style. i said "heck yeah!" and dug into my love for old film looks and studied all the "faults" and scratches and film weaves, film stocks, old lenses. i used my storytelling experience and i think the resulting style developed into something people have called unique.

i apply an intuitive approach to shooting and editing that sets my films apart from the average wedding video. i shoot digitally and clean, but add a plethora of effects, often frame by frame, that result in a vintage look. i tend to include shots that are not perfect. quick zooms, and i don't linger on shots that we've all seen a zillion times before. like tying your shoes or applying make up - or sometimes even putting the ring on your finger!
everyone knows what a wedding video is supposed to look like. this is absolutely not my aim. why would you want a video like everyone else's?

a lot of work goes into making something look like NOT a lot of work went into it. i try and keep it light, not too heavy-handed. i hone in on shots some people would consider merely as sprinkle on top. to me, those sprinkles define the essence. i select moments that years later you will still see as defining your event, your day, and the relationship among your friends and family. yes, the much overused phrase "capturing the essence. " i often cut out of sequence because i know our dreams and memories are never in order. you don't dream like: "ok first there was first look, then she walked down the isle, then her father did the first dance" etc.

you get teary eyed because of a hard to define emotional essence, and my clients are telling me i'm able to capture that. anyone can use drones and dollies and camera stabilization and make it seem like a feature film. and while i've used drones and stabilization, this is not what it's about. there are amazing artists out there that can do that. i am truly impressed by their work, i am not just saying this to really say how much cooler i am. it's just that it is not the essence of my artistry and my soul. if you want simplicity and lightness and honing in on that which defines you as well as the love that unites you with your spouse-to-be, i'd love to hear from you!

i've been told that my films brought people back to what it felt like the day of the event. which is the biggest compliment. read a few of the testimonials and more importantly, watch the films. none of this means anything unless you resonate with the work.

i look forward to creating a filmic document that translates your significant day into a lasting memory.

thank you for visiting my site.