roxy & ashkan

ashkan came to me through my good friend khalil.  having seen my commercial work he asked if i'd be interested in shooting his wedding.  he wanted it in a vintage style, and i said, totally!  as far as motion pictures, this was new territory for me, but with my background as black and white photographer, using my father's 6x6 rolleiflex and 4x5 inch large format cameras and polaroids in europe as fashion photographer, i was more than prepared to jump on it.  i think the result speaks for itself.  it's a nice mix between old and modern.  in a way, i owe ashkan the beginning of my journey into vintage modern films!

roxy and ashkan and their families were a TON of fun to be with.  i was moved by observing their close-knit circle of friends, and the history of their relationships was palpable.  you can just tell when people have each others' backs.  solid.  i really hope my film did them justice.  thank you guys for having me on!

the songs i used are:

"scenic world" by beirut
"postcards from italy" by beirut